Corporate videos

Goldmillís other specialties include producing a high quality multi-media video package that portrays what your company is all about. This video presentation helps depict your company in a different light, which helps in promoting your business, creating a legacy for your company, and leaving a footprint for future employees

Training & Induction Videos

The company also creates training videos for schools or companies for training purposes. These videos can be assembled and arranged as per themes /topics required by our clients; such as Heavy duty machine operations, Production Manuals and production guides, Business ethics, Development life cycles, and various other visual aids, & educational aids. These videos are put on CDs or DVDs to serve as a reference resource for students or employees after a training session.

CDs $ DVDs Duplications

All your cherished moments and ceremonies are all converted into any format required onto CDs or DVDs. Conversions from one video file format to another or any other modifications or alterations required by a client are done at an extra but affordable rate.